Biblical Studies

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Program Overview

The mission of the Department of Biblical and Theological Studies is to equip Judson University students with the skills and knowledge necessary for robust engagement with the Christian tradition. The department exists to serve two constituencies. It offers majors and minors to students wishing to develop advanced skills and knowledge in preparation for seminary or graduate study or as a liberal arts foundation in preparation for a variety of professions. The department also contributes vital courses to the university’s general education core curriculum.

The department contributes to the university’s role as “the Church at work in higher education” by providing a personal intellectual encounter with the Christian revelation through critical engagement with Scripture and significant reflection upon the Christian tradition in a dynamic liberal arts environment. While recognizing the integration of faith and learning in all departments, Biblical and Theological Studies plays a distinct role by explicitly providing the biblical and theological resources necessary to become “articulate proponents of Biblical Christianity.”

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Why Biblical Studies at Judson?

Preparing you to spread God’s word

Judson University’s biblical and theological studies major will help prepare you to be a self-aware, lifelong learner equipped to read the Bible well and think theologically—whether for personal devotion, ministry, or further academic study.

Diverse and Experienced Faculty

Our biblical and theological studies faculty members have backgrounds in various Christian theological traditions and degrees from a wide spectrum of universities and seminaries, but they are united in their commitment to the core tenets of evangelical Christianity like the centrality ofJesus Christ and the authority of Scripture.

Students also reflect this diversity, and we strive to explore the theological riches of all major branches of faith as we study/learn together.

Post-Graduate Opportunities

The Judson University Graduate program offers a number of post-graduate degrees for those with a Ministry undergraduate education including a Master’s of Leadership in Ministry.

Biblical and Theological Studies Department

Learn more about the other programs offered in the Biblical and Theological Studies Department.

Building a Firm Foundation for Your Ministry

At Judson University, our Department of Biblical Studies equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary for robust engagement with the Christian tradition. By engaging critically with Scripture and exploring the Christian tradition, the Biblical Studies program offers a personal intellectual encounter with the Christian revelation. 

Our majors are broad, encompassing fields of study, they dialogue with other academic disciplines such as history, literature, art, and philosophy. Our goal is to help shape students who can interpret biblical texts and who can engage vital theological, philosophical, and ethical arguments with both discernment and clarity.

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Professor and Chair of the Biblical and Theological Studies Department

Dr. Eric Mason
Department Chair, Biblical and Theological Studies

Program Highlights


Emphasis on Engaging Culture

Learning to interpret biblical texts, read Hebrew and Greek, and understand how and why theologians come to differing conclusions are all foundational elements of our programs, but it is vital that students also learn to be wise “readers” of culture.

Students learn to relate biblical and theological truths to contemporary life as they engage, discern, and even create music, film, art, and literature in coursework and other campus opportunities like Reel Conversations and the Imago Film Festival.


What Can You Do with a Biblican and Theological Studies Degree?

Judson graduates from the Biblical and Theological Studies program have gone on to work in:

  • Higher Education
  • Ministry and Missions
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Publishing
  • Writing
  • Editing

Travel the World!

The Judson Global Outreach team provides students with mission trip opportunities during both spring and summer break. Students can travel the world ministering to those in need in locations including:

  • Costa Rica
  • Belize
  • Nicaragua
  • Peru
  • Scotland
  • Brazil

Find Success at Judson

I can honestly say majoring in Biblical and Theological Studies at Judson was one of the best decisions of my life. The skills I was taught, the classes I took, and the friends I made have greatly shaped the person I am today and I think I’m a better person because of it. The helped me to think critically through arguments and form nuanced but impassioned positions. I can’t thank the BTS faculty enough for their efforts and I hope they know what a difference they’ve made in my life.”
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Shane O’Leary2017 Graduate | Elmwood Park, IL
Erickson Prize for Excellence in Biblical Studies 2017 recipient