Master of Arts in Community Music


Achieve These Outcomes


You will have opportunities to accomplish one or more of these goals:

  • Teach music classes at community music schools, senior communities, after-school programs, churches, and other community groups
  • Be a creative ensemble leader and performer for diverse communities
  • Be a music entrepreneur who consistently produces new music for audiences in the community
  • Work as creative administrative staff in a music program at an arts organization, government agency, school, or community group

Choose Your Concentration

The program offers three different tracks: Artist-Teacher, Community Music Leader, and Music Producer. While all three tracks require students to take core courses, applied music courses, research courses, and a recital presentation, each track has its own emphasis and thus pursues slightly different career paths.


The Artist-Teacher track places emphasis on learning group teaching skills combined with performance activities for the community.

Community Music Leader

The Community Music Leader track develops professional leadership and administrative skills for the music programs in the community.

Music Producer

The Music Producer track focuses on augmenting community music activities the community music activities with audio recording and production technologies.

Additional Information

Learn about the Master of Arts in Community Music program, application process, tuition and fees, and answers to frequently asked questions.


The total number of credit hours needed for graduation is 36 credit hours. The cost per credit hour is $820.

Community Music Leader and Artist-Teacher tracks$29,520 (USD)
Music Producer track$35,720 ($29,520 plus $6,200 for off-campus study)
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