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Program Overview

The Judson University mathematics program provides students with a strong foundation for integrating an analytical view with logic to create unique problem-solving skills.

Mathematicians are often applying their skills in different branches and industries to solve real-world problems and move towards an integrated world of innovation.

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Why Mathematics at Judson?

A spiritual approach to science

Mathematics at Judson includes consideration of how mathematics can be used to reflect on areas of human flourishing.  Students will also engage with questions of mathematics as a human-made artifact or a God-designed system.

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Science and Mathematics Department

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Endless Possibilities

Real science, real math, taught by real Christians. At Judson University, you’ll learn how faith and fact work together to make a real difference in the world. 

With a wide variety of majors and pre-professional programs, you can discover practical ways to address issues facing the world today including the environment, the human body, and real world problems like world hunger and education. 

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Professor and Chair of the Science and Mathematics Department

Dr. Jeffrey Henderson
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Get Real-World Experience

The Mathematics program offers networking opportunities during your time of study in order to build connections to acquire a position after graduation. Judson students have found work at places including:

  • McHenry County Dept of Health
  • Korhorn Financial Group Inc.
  • RaterLabs Inc.
  • Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
  • Hillside Community Church
Science and Math student in class

What Can You Do with a Mathematics Degree?

Judson graduates from the Mathematics program have gone on to work as:

  • Information Analysts
  • Science Technicians
  • Graduate Program Data Analyst
  • Missionary School Administrator

Find Success at Judson

Our department believes that part of our job is to help our students navigate the battleground others have created between their Christian faith and their study of science. We want our graduates prepared to share scientific understandings with their fellow believers and Christ with they scientific coworkers.”
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Dr. Peter SandbergPH.D., Judson University Professor of Mathematics and Physics