Dorm Room Checklist | Judson University Christian College

Residence Hall Checklist

I'm moving in, so what do I need?


  • two sets of extra long sheets
  • pillows and pillow cases
  • blankets
  • bedspread


  • wastebasket with trash bags
  • desk lamp, room lamp
  • fan
  • alarm clock with battery back up
  • stereo with headphones
  • shower curtain
  • towels and washcloths
  • bath mat
  • shower caddy
  • laundry basket/bag
  • cleaning supplies
  • closet organizer
  • tv
  • refrigerator (up to 6 cubic ft)
  • small microwaves are permitted
  • ethernet cable (wireless internet is available in all dorms, but signal strength may vary)
  • telephone (if you want a land line in the room)


  • clothing
  • toiletries (TP is provided in the dorms)
  • medicine
  • knick-knacks (a few things to make your room feel a little homey)
  • quarters (laundry money)


  • pets (fish are usually ok; up to a 5 )
  • fire arms
  • off season clothing (closets are limited in spacing)
  • candles/incense
  • matches/lighters
  • nails (please use Sticky-Tak or pushpins where allowed to put up posters)
  • extension cords (power strips are allowed)
  • halogen light
  • space heaters
  • toasters, sandwich grills, waffle irons, hot plates and open hot coil appliances (not allowed in dorm room, but can be used in the kitchens of the dorms)


  • Bed and mattress (extra-long twin)
  • Desk, chair, and lighted shelf
  • 1 bookshelf unit (2 shelves)
  • 3-drawer dresser
  • Closet space

Questions regarding living on campus or what can be brought to dorms can be directed to the Residence Life staff in Student Development at (847) 628-1561.

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