Winter Weather Notices and Procedures | Judson University Christian College

Winter Weather Policies and Procedures

Judson Campuses Are Open - Drive with Caution Coming to Campus Today

Judson’s campuses are open on Tuesday, Feb. 16, at the usual times. We recommend driving with caution if you are traveling to campus this morning. If you are unable to travel in from an area hit much harder, please reach out to your supervisor, department chair, or professor to let them know that it is unsafe for you. Students should watch their email as some professors have shifted classes to online or provided alternate assignments.

Campus Closes for Night Classes on Monday, Feb. 15

Judson University closed campus on Monday, Feb. 15, starting at 5 p.m. due to anticipated snowy conditions and roadways. Please check with your faculty if you have class tonight as it may have moved to an online format. Rockford classes for Monday night have all moved to Zoom. Watch Judson’s website page and Twitter feed for more notices when the weather becomes hazardous. Plant Operations personnel will work to keep Judson’s roadways clear throughout the night as needed.

Campus Closing Policy and Procedures

Judson’s Inclement Weather Team reviews all weather forecasts predicting heavy snowfall, icy conditions and other weather events to determine if Judson’s activities and campus will remain operational. The Judson community is notified through email, social media and the Remind Text Notification app of campus closings. You may also check our status on Judson’s website or at To register for Judson’s emergency alert systems, please visit the Judson University Campus Safety page.

While we may control our own Judson roadways and sidewalks, we do know that faculty, staff, and students are traveling from various distances. Faculty are instructed to determine for themselves if they feel they cannot travel to campus, should the campus remain open. Staff should contact their supervisor to coordinate any special accommodations. If faculty decide to hold class virtually, then they will notify students of that decision via email. Students are instructed to watch their email to ensure they see any faculty instructions or alternative assignments in that event.

Clearing and Maintaining Judson’s Roadways and Sidewalks/Residential Life

Judson’s Plant Operations team regularly monitors and responds to heavy snowfalls by plowing roadways and sidewalks, sometimes as early as 4 a.m. or into the late night hours to ensure that Judson’s classes and events can continue. Parking areas are plowed as best as possible considering that some residential cars are left in the lots. If you find there is a sidewalk or driveway that you are concerned about or have a power outage or heating problem, send an email to Amy Wemken at Plant Operations or follow the guidelines established through Residential Life if you are living in campus dorms.

Residence Life works in conjuncture with Plant Operations to clear residential parking lots in the event of accumulating snow fall. At times, students may be asked to move their vehicles to clear space for plows. This communication will be sent via the Residence Life team. During the winter months, if you experience issues related to the winter elements, or think you may be experiencing a lapse in heat, please call the Resident Director on call number at 331-472-7286 for assistance.

If you are planning or holding a special event during a time when weather conditions may be challenged, please ensure that Plant Operations knows of your event and any special needs you may and to ensure walkways are safe. Please look ahead and notify Plant Operations staff 12 hours ahead of your event of any special concerns.

Please know that Plant Operations teams work their way through the entire campus to clear sidewalks and roadways. While you may not see personnel in your particular area, the Plant Operations team is working its way through the entire campus, which takes time. Doorways at each building have been supplied with salt and shovels so that Judson Community members have the needed resources to clear or salt a walkway that may have been cleared but has been snowed in should that be necessary. This does not mean that Plant Operations is not clearing these areas, but is intended to meet your immediate needs while the Plant Operations Team focuses on other areas of campus.

Cold Weather Notice

In regard to extreme temperatures, Judson University typically follows the Meteorology Industry Standard metrics below. It is important to note that wind chills or “feels like” temperatures alone may not impact university operations. In short, we are looking for a combination of factors that include:

  • Temperatures between -20 and -30 degrees
  • Time of day and duration of lower temperatures
  • Wind Chill Warning (issued by National Weather Service)

Dress Appropriately for Cold Weather

Please follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states the following suggestions for appropriate precautions against frostbite, which can take place in minutes:

  • Wear a hat
  • Wear a scarf or knit mask to cover face and mouth
  • Have sleeves that are snug at the wrist
  • Wear mittens (they are warmer than gloves)
  • Wear water-resistant coat and shoes
  • Wear several layers of loose-fitting clothing
  • Be sure the outer layer of your clothing is tightly woven, preferably wind resistant, to reduce body-heat loss caused by wind

Dining Hall and Food Service

Judson University recognizes that adverse weather conditions can impact university operations. While every attempt is made to maintain normal operations and services for the benefit of students, faculty, and staff, it may occasionally be necessary to close the University or modify the schedule when extreme weather conditions occur. In extreme cases, when administrative offices are closed as well as classes are canceled, Dining Services staff will continue to provide food service on campus. Should meal hours need to be altered to accommodate weather conditions, every attempt will be made to communicate changes via dorm communication and News and Events by 5:00 p.m. the day prior to changes.

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