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RISE program founder Gayle Gianopulos and Kathy Lambert
RISE Celebrates Five Years

Founder of the RISE Program and alumnus Gayle Gianopulos shared her vision of providing a post-secondary educational opportunity for students with intellectual disabilities. Gayle dreamed of a day when her two daughters with an Intellectual Disability would have an opportunity to attend college and experience wonderful college memories like she did when attending Judson. In

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Folklora dancers perform during Hispanic Heritage Month
Latino Student Union

Judson’s Latino Student Union is a student-led group that promotes cultural diversity on campus. It also provides a voice for students of the Latino and Hispanic community, partners with various departments at Judson and the Elgin community and hosts an array of events that are open to the Judson community. LSU has sponsored events that

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Black students hold presentation meeting
Black Student Union

Judson’s Black Student Union meets throughout the academic year. The Black Student Union provides a calendar of events such as Movie Nights, Special Chapel and Panel discussions, and has many leadership positions each year. In 2021, the University dedicated an area on the third floor of the Harm A. Weber Academic Center as the Dr. Curtis J.

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