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Our Pledge to Diversity

Judson University is a conservative, evangelical Christian university that represents the Church at work in higher education, equipping students to be fully developed, responsible persons who glorify God by the quality of their personal relationships, their work, and their citizenship within the community, the nation and the world. Diversity is an ethos embraced by the University to foster inclusion, service and quality of life amongst our global and local communities. Strategic actions toward achieving diversity goals facilitate meaningful and sustainable impact throughout the Judson community, enriching the University as a whole.

At Judson we see diversity as an inter-related mix of race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, religion, physical ability, age, geography and intellect. This mixture brings a richness of perspectives, talents and ideas together.

Our goals are to:

  • Maintain and increase the institution’s diversity population based on the existing urban context
  • Cultivate an environment where people of all backgrounds can thrive academically, socially, spiritually, and professionally
  • Implement plans to support diversity activities throughout all areas of the University, including recruitment, hiring, retention efforts, curriculum transformation, and partnerships.

Strategies for achieving these goals include:

  • Continued recruitment and retention of diverse underrepresented populations of faculty, staff and students
  • Measurable initiatives that facilitate recruitment, retention and graduation of diverse underrepresented populations,
  • Scholarship and grant opportunities for diverse underrepresented populations
  • Support for multicultural student organizations and leadership opportunities
  • Links to external support groups/organizations/societies.

At Judson, Diversity is about a Shared Identity

“Diversity is central to our mission as a Christ-centered institution, modeling and reflecting how a healthy community engages and what it looks like,” notes Judson President Dr. Gene Crume. In secular communities, diversity efforts can get focused around fixing what is broken systemically. But at Judson, Dr. Crume says, “we come from a common starting point, and the energy feels very different.”

Dr. Sartor adds: “We will reflect Christ’s love, no matter the differences,” he says, “and when people come to Judson, there will be a general appreciation for the differences that exist and work together better.”

Learn more by reading Judson's Affirmation Statements on Diversity.

About the Assistant to the President for
Diversity and Spiritual Development

Dr Sartor

Dr. Curtis Sartor, Ph.D., Min., Assoc. AIA, NOMA
Associate Vice President for Diversity and Spiritual Development

Dr. Curtis Sartor has been appointed as the assistant to the president for diversity and spiritual development at Judson University. He will also continue to teach in Judson's School of Art, Design and Architecture as an Architecture professor. He was the dean of the School of Art, Design and Architecture (SoADA) from 2008 to 2015.  

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