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Program Overview

The Biochemistry major integrates chemistry and cell/molecular biology requiring the student to synthesize information from diverse topics contributing to Judson University’s mission to enable students to acquire ideas and concepts that sharpen their insights.

Many of our biochemistry majors pursue post-graduate studies, such as medical school. To be successful in post-graduate work, students need the ability to integrate multiple scientific disciplines into their studies and learn what integrative operational science truly is. Judson University’s mission is to develop skills appropriate to our student’s career goals. By integrating the knowledge and skills of chemistry and biological disciplines, students will also be able to apply them toward understanding the function of biochemical systems within organisms.

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Why Biochemistry at Judson?

Focused attention

The Biochemistry major offers small class sizes, individual attention from experienced faculty, and laboratory experiences that develop critical skills in areas such as chromatography, spectroscopy, and kinetic measurements.


Biochemistry majors have the opportunity to work as lab assistants and be mentored in independent research projects. Biochemistry majors also present at least one literature research project on a current topic in the science world.

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Science and Mathematics Department

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Endless Possibilities

Real science, real math, taught by real Christians. At Judson University, you’ll learn how faith and fact work together to make a real difference in the world. 

With a wide variety of majors and pre-professional programs, you can discover practical ways to address issues facing the world today including the environment, the human body, and real world problems like world hunger and education. 

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Professor and Chair of the Science and Mathematics Department

Dr. Jeffrey Henderson
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Get Real-World Experience

The Biochemistry program requires an internship during your senior year. Judson students have interned at places like Hummingbird Bioscience and more!

Science and Math student working in a lab

What Can You Do with a Biochemistry Degree?

Judson graduates from the Biochemistry program have gone on to work as:

  • Doctors
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurses
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Pharmacists
  • Veterinarians

Many of our biochemistry majors also pursue medical school and other avenues of post-graduate studies.

Find Success at Judson

Judson offered me unique opportunities, such as the chance to work with professors one-on-one every day. In a smaller department you really get what you put in. With Dr. Henderson, I was able to write, edit, and submit multiple projects that are now publications. Judson prepared me for the rigors of medical school and beyond, but more importantly taught me many lessons that could not be taken from textbooks or lectures, but from personal relationships and hard conversations that prepare you for the world.”
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Andrew Kennedy2018 Graduate, Attending Medical School at the University of Kentucky