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Judson Chapel

Here at Judson we believe in the life-changing power of the gospel in Jesus Christ. One way that we celebrate this is through the chapel ministry. Typically, the Judson family gathers on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10 to 10:45 a.m. to worship together as a community. During this season of COVID, Judson is delivering chapel differently through virtual Chapels and other means to keep our community safe and our groups small. We enjoy inviting a variety of different speakers from local pastors, to bands, and even national best-selling authors. Want to know more about who we are and what we are about? We invite you to read the chapel identity statement.



Chapel Podcasts

Past chapel experiences are available on the Judson Chapel podcast via iTunes and Judson's YouTube Channel for 2021-22.

Virtual Chapel Experiences

To hear this year's chapel experiences, visit Judson's Presence App and register to access our virtual experiences: https://judsonu.presence.io/.

SPRING 2022 Chapel Schedule

January Chapel

  • Wednesday, January 12 – Vertical Church Band
  • Friday, January 14 Ask Me Anything series: President Crume;
    Question: What is Judson’s 5 year plan?
  • Monday, January 17 – MLK Day with Second Baptist Church
  • Wednesday, January 19 –  Ask Me Anything series: Montell Jordan
    Question: How can I bring my faith to the marketplace without being weird?
  • Friday, January 21 Ask Me Anything series: Charlie Dates
    Question: Is Christianity (really) necessary for justice work?
  • Monday, January 24 – Ask Me Anything series: Dean Chris Lash
    Question: What should I do with the dark parts of Christian history?
  • Wednesday, January 26 – Ask Me Anything series: Dr. Karen Love
  • Friday, January 28 – Ask Me Anything series: Teddy Matthews
    Question: Does God really care about my dating life?
  • Monday, January 31 – Spiritual Enrichment Week: Hand Me Down With Pastor Denvil Lee

February Chapel

  • Tuesday, February 1, 11 a.m.  – Spiritual Enrichment Week: Hand Me Down With Pastor Denvil Lee
  • Wednesday, February 2Spiritual Enrichment Week: Hand Me Down With Pastor Denvil Lee
  • Thursday, February 3, 11 a.m.Spiritual Enrichment Week: Hand Me Down With Pastor Denvil Lee
  • Friday, February 4 – Spiritual Enrichment Week: Hand Me Down With Pastor Denvil Lee
  •  Monday, February 7 – Ask Me Anything series: Trustee Abi Raices
  • Wednesday, February 9 – Ask Me Anything series: Dean Chris Lash
    Question: Is it bad to deconstruct your faith?
  • Friday, February 11 Ask Me Anything series: Pastor Aubrey Sampson
    Question: Is the Bible anti-women?
  • Monday, February 14 – Race and Justice series: Pastor Juliet Liu
  • Wednesday, February 16 – Race and Justice series: Pastor David Swanson
  • Friday, February 18 – Race and Justice series: Ray McElroy
  • Monday, February 21 – Praise and Worship Chapel
  • Wednesday, February 23 – Department Chapel: No Chapel
  • Friday, February 25 – Ask Me Anything series: Laurel Bunker
    Question: How do I know God has a plan for me?
  • Monday, February 28 – Ask Me Anything series: Trustee Darryl Jenkins

March Chapel

  • Wednesday, March 2 – Songs and Stories Chapel
  • Friday, March 4 – Praise and Worship Chapel
  •  Monday, March 7-11  Spring Break: No Chapel
  • Monday, March 14 – New Life Worship
  • Wednesday, March 16 – Ian Simkins
  • Friday, March 18 – Keri Ladouceur
  • Monday, March 21 – Forest City Worship
  • Wednesday, March 23 – Ask Me Anything Series: Chris Lash
  • Friday, March 25 – Choir Chapel
  • Monday, March 28 – Student Voices series 
  • Wednesday, March 30 – Department Chapel: No Chapel

April Chapel

  • Friday, April 1 – Student Voices series
  • Monday, April 4 – Sam Acho
  • Wednesday, April 6 – RISE Chapel
  • Friday, April 8 – No Chapel
  • Monday, April 11 – Student Voices series 
  • Wednesday, April 13 – Dr. Winfred Neely
  • Friday, April 15 – Easter Break: No Chapel
  • Monday, April 18 – Easter Break: No Chapel
  • Wednesday, April 20 – Department Chapel: No Chapel
  • Friday, April 22 – Bob Lenz
  • Monday, April 25 – Songs and Stories
  • Wednesday, April 27 – Ensemble Chapel
  • Friday, April 29 – BSU Panel Discussion

May Chapel

  • Monday, May 2 – Celebration Chapel

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