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  • Faculty Positions

    Open full-time tenure track faculty positions are listed below:

  • Core Faculty, Assistant or Associate Professor of Computer Science (Cybersecurity)
    Core Faculty, Assistant or Associate Professor of Computer Science (Cybersecurity)

    Judson University invites applications for a full-time faculty opening to lead and teach in the Computer Science (Cybersecurity) program beginning August 1, 2018. The ideal candidate will have a graduate degree in Computer Science or related field with content expertise in Cybersecurity.

  • Pro-Rata Faculty Positions

    Open full-time, pro-rata (non-tenure-track) faculty positions are listed below:

  • Adjunct Faculty Positions

    Below is a listing of all available Adjunct Faculty positions.

  • Adjunct Instructor of History
    Adjunct Instructor of History

    The Department of History seeks an adjunct instructor to teach the world History course HIS262: History of Civilizations II since 1500 in Fall 2019 (08/19/19-12/07/19). The course is delivered online.

    Adjunct Instructor(s) of Accountancy
    Adjunct Instructor(s) of Accountancy

    The Department of Business seeks an adjunct instructor(s) to teach BUS251: Financial Accounting; BUS261: Managerial Accounting, BUS353: Individual Income Tax, and/or BUS351: Business Entity Income Tax.

    Adjunct Instructor of Speech Communications
    Adjunct Instructor of Speech Communications

    Manage the class syllabus calendar, ensure college standards are met, and meet Registrar’s Office requirements of attendance and grade submissions. Adjuncts may meet monthly with the department chair or a current instructor for accountability and address questions and or issues.

    Pro-Rata (Half-Time) Position, Psychology Faculty
    Pro-Rata (Half-Time) Position, Psychology Faculty

    The Psychology Department at Judson University seeks applications and nominations of distinctive candidates for a faculty appointment in psychology. With more than 80 students, psychology is one of the larger majors on campus. This is a one-year, pro-rata/half-time position beginning in August 2018. 

    Adjunct Instructor(s) of Psychology
    Adjunct Instructor(s) of Psychology

    The Department of Psychology and Sociology seeks adjunct faculty to teach Sociology and Psychology courses. The Sociology courses are: Introduction to Sociology, and other sociology courses, depending on the candidate’s specialty. The Psychology courses are: Conditioning and Learning, Personality, Principles and Practices of Human Services (which prepares students for their internship), Psychological Tests and Measurement, and other psychology courses, depending on the candidate’s specialty. These courses will be taught in the 2017-2018 school year.

  • Staff Positions

    Staff position openings are listed below. Click on the link to learn more or apply.

     Admissions Representative 

     Lindner Tower Resident Director 

     Ohio Hall Resident Director  

     Tutor and ADA Compliance Coordinator 

    Athletic Transportation Fleet Manager

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  • Equal Employment Opportunity

    Judson University has an established policy of equal academic and employment opportunity. This policy is applied to all qualified students, employees and applicants for admission or employment, in all University programs and activities, without unlawful discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability or military or veteran status.

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