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Giving to Judson University

Discover Ways to Give to Judson Today

Judson has so many exciting activities taking place on campus and there are several ways you can support our students. For more information on the various ways to give, please visit Ways to Give to Judson.

We know that many of you give as a response to the blessings God has provided you. We also want to make you aware of some temporary changes to the tax laws for 2020 through the CARES Act:

  • If you itemize your taxes, you can elect todeduct cash contributions up to 100% (up from 60%) of your 2020 adjust grossincome (contributions to Donor Advised Funds or gifts of stock do not qualify).
  • If you take the standard deduction(non-itemized), you can take an “above the line” adjustment to income of up to$300 per taxpayer ($600 for married couple) in annual charitable contributions(Donor Advised Funds to not qualify).
  • If you are 70 ½ or older, your required minimumdistributions are suspended until 2021.

This information is not intended as legal or tax advice.Please consult an attorney or tax advisor for more details.

Why Give to Judson?

Academic Excellence

Since our founding in 1963, Judson University has demonstrated a deep commitment to providing its students with the highest quality education. Judson students are able to learn from a diverse faculty of the finest Christian scholars. Over 80% of our teaching faculty hold a terminal degree in their discipline. What is more, every member of the faculty has a personal testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ and are active in their local church. At Judson, not only do students learn the very best in their disciple of study, they are also challenged to grow in their faith in Christ. Through your support of Judson University, you have a part in ensuring that Judson's tradition of providing academic excellence and Christian principles will continue to impact students today and in the future.

Christian Leadership

It only takes a short time for one to watch, listen or read the local news to realize that our generation is in the midst of facing tough challenges. These challenges are impacting families, businesses, churches, non profit organizations and governmental agencies on the local, national and global levels. As our national leaders look for solutions to these challenges, Judson University is busy training the finest Christian leaders whom, through their education at Judson, will serve as the next generation of leaders who will provide the solutions to the challenges we are facing today. Christian Leaders trained at Judson University will have the academic training and the Christian knowledge necessary to lead their families, organizations and possibly the nation, forward.

Shaping Lives

An investment in Judson University shapes lives. Each year over 1,250 young adults come to Judson University to seek higher education and some insight into their role within society. During a student's tenure at Judson their life is changed. In addition to gaining academic knowledge, Judson students learn about ministry and the world. Students are encouraged to attend at least one short-term missions trip during their time at the University. Additionally, Judson students participate in several community development programs to mentor local students from low-income areas of the community. As such, through your support of Judson University, you are making an impact on a life of a Judson student. In turn, that student you are investing in is making an impact on other lives through short-term missions and community mentoring. What a great opportunity to be part of a cycle of impacting lives positively for Christ.

The Light of the World

Judson University's motto "Christus lux mundi" or "Christ the light of the world" is an important part of Judson's culture. Upon completing a degree at Judson University, graduates are taught to go out into the world following Christ's example and shine. Alumni have demonstrated Christ's light in many fields. Some have gone off and become business leaders, others have become educators, many enter the ministry, still more have become architects. Judson Alumni have the distinction of being leaders in their field who shine for Christ, wherever they end up. Through your support of Judson University, you are investing in the lives of a future alumnus or alumna who will go forward and impact the world for Christ.

Presidents Club

Give Now to the Annual Fund and Join the Presidents Club today!

Judson University, Shaping Lives that Shape the World